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The Entrance

Every time I go to the entrance I am always amazed that developers have not gone in and turned it into a gold coast with high rises. Luckily, The Entrance has stayed small and  it is a lovely holiday destination with many hotels, resorts and caravan parks.


Things to see and do 

The Entrance has many fun things to see and do. There are water sports, bike trails and beautiful walks around the shore however its main attraction is the feeding of the pelicans.


The feeding of the pelicans takes place every afternoon at 3:30pm at the Pelican Plaza in Memorial Park and if you get there early you can see the Pelicans  all waiting with the seagulls on the shore....So cute !!

I would also suggest checking their events calendar as they have festivals and  a weekly Saturday market.

Places to Eat.

The Entrance is very know for it's fresh seafood so make sure you try the local fish and chips.  If you feel like a BBQ or picnic there are free barbecue facilities and picnic tables by the lake at Picnic Point Reserve and at the Long Jetty Foreshore Reserve.




Pelicans at the Entrance
Pelicans at the Entrance
Pelicans at the Entrance
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