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Mt Victoria

Mount Victoria is one of those villages that relies on people visiting. The village has seen shops and cafes open and close but luckily the  historical hotels have survived. There are only about 825 people that live in the village so the local businesses rely on tourist.  Fortunately, now that the Hydro Majestic Hotel has reopened the area in seeing more visitors. 

Things to see + do 

The streets of Mount Victoria and full of history so take a walk around the village and explore buildings dating back to the mid 19th century, including the historic Imperial Hotel, St Peter's Church of England, The Manor House and Toll Keepers Cottage.


The Manor House was where  a toll was originally charged to travellers crossing the Blue Mountains.

Mount Victoria and District Historical Society Museum

Visit The Mount Victoria and District Historical Society Museum.

The museum  is in Station Street next to the train station. The museum has sixteen large and small rooms that display  collection of artefacts from Australia and exotic shores beyond. Some dating back to prehistoric times  to early exploration convict days right up to more recent times. 

Mount Vic Flicks

This would have to be one of my favourite things to do in the mountains. Going to the Mount Vic Flicks is like stepping back in time. The cinema was built in 1934 but today the cinema is owned by Kirsten and Adam who are passionate  about keeping it going.

Mount Vic Flicks is  an independent cinema that shows mix of quality films from Australia and abroad, arthouse to kids, new releases to classics.

They also have a snack bar that services tea and coffee in a real mug and all their treats are homemade. They have heating in winter but if you want to cassie up with a small can, no one will look twice.

To find out more click on the link ...


Mount Victoria has a beautiful walk at Mount Piddington. 

If you take Mount Piddington Road it will take you to  summit lookout that has  breathtaking views of  Kanimbla Valley.

Here you will find bushwalking tracks  to Hornes Point and the Fairy Bower reserve and on the slopes of Mount Piddington you will find Coxs Leap and Bushranger Cave.

Your will find more information about Mount Piddington on this link ..

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