Merimbula is such a friendly town and the perfect place to have a holiday.  It lies on the hills around Lake Merimbula. 

There is so much to be here, so you won't get bored. This seaside town has manly water activities which include fishing, swimming, surfing, boating, lake cruises, scuba diving, sailboarding and canoeing.

The main shopping strip is lined with cafes, restaurants, shops and of course my favourite place to go when I get to a town...The information centre where you can get maps, flyers and book a few activities. 

Things to do ...

- Take a joy flight

- Go Bike Riding 


- Go Kayaking

- Beach Walks

- Play Golf

Not my cup of tea when Im on holidays but there are 5 golf clubs here. 

- Go on a water cruise


- Eat some Oysters

Wheeler's Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar is amazing. Here you can enjoy delicious food in the restaurant or buy some to take home. They also have tours where you learn all about oysters. 

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- Visit the Merimbula Aquarium & Wharf Restaurant

This aquarium is worth a visit but it is only open Wednesday to Sunday 10am - 4pm. They have a 70,000 litre Oceanarium which features 28 tanks of local and tropical marine life. There is also a great gift shop with beautiful gift ware.

- Visit the Potoroo Palace 

I just love this place because you can get nice and close to kangaroos, emus and ducks. The animals here roam the park freely and you can hand feed them with an Animal Feed Bag. This place is also non for profit organisation 

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Where is Merimbula ? 

If you are coming  from Sydney, Merimbula is 454 km south of Sydney via the Princes Highway and 522 km via the Hume Motorway, Canberra and Cooma.