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Lake Cathie,
New South Wales

Lake Cathie is a beautiful holiday destination on the Mid North Coast of NSW and only about 15minutes from Port Macquarie. It is also a neighbouring suburb of Bonny Hill.


This is such a peaceful town, everyone is lovely and friendly.

Facilities in the town.

If you are in need of supplies, there is a shopping complex at 1613 Ocean Dr, Lake Cathie that has the following ...

- A Woolworths supermarket

- Local Tavern

- A bakery

- A fish & chip shop

Caramels coffee shop, which serves a delicious  breakfast and lunch.

- Pharmacy

- Post office

- Newsagent

- Bargain shop

Things to do..

- Beach walks

- Surf

- Sun bake

- Bush walks 

- Swimming

- Snorkelling

- Fishing ( You will need a fishing permit)

- Eat


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