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Eden, NSW

The town of Eden is a beautiful natural paradise on the  Sapphire Coast of NSW.  Eden has great attractions for the whole family, ranging from spotting humpback whales in the deep blue waters of Twofold Bay to learning all about the region's whaling heritage, bushwalking in Ben Boyd National Park, and getting up close to marine life on a guided tour.

Things to do..

- Visit the information centre.

There are two information centres in town and both have amazing staff. They will help you find the best cafe's, restaurants, accommodation and local attractions. They also have great souvenirs and local products for sale. 

You can find one centre in town on the corner of The Princes Hwy + Mitchell Street, Eden and a new large information centre down near the marina.


- Eat 

Eden is home to fresh seafood. There is a wonderful selection of cafes and restaurants in the area that service delicious food.

- Bush walks 

Forest NSW maintains the recreation area here but I highly recommend you chat to the information centre about the walks you would like to do so the can advise you if the walk is open (some tracks are closed because of bush firers).

They is also an amazing website that list all the State Forests which I use often ....

- Sight seeing

There are great sight seeing walks to do in Eden.  I highly recommend you grab o map for these at the information centre. 

1. Eden Lookout + Rotary Park 

2. The Heritage Trial 

3. Lake Curalo Walking Path

4. Cocora Beach 

5. The Bundian Way

6. Quarantine Bay. 

- Fishing

If you love fishing then you will love fishing in Eden. You will need to make your way to the information centre for a fishing license and maps of the best spots to go. 

- Whale Watching

Head to Twofold Bay to enjoy the beautiful views and see if you can catch a glimpse of any Killer Whales in the bay.

I learnt that during the winter months, whales leave their feeding grounds in the Antarctic to warmer waters to mate and give birth. So it is common to see a few whales venture in from the ocean. 

- Visit the Eden Killer Whale Museum  and learn all about Old Tom 

I found the museum an interesting place to visit as it has many interesting artefacts, however I fell in love with  the beautiful story of Old Tom and how he had an amazing relationship with the local whalers. 


Sadly, on 17th September 1930, the body of the locally well-known orca, ‘Old Tom’,  was found floating in Twofold Bay.  With great foresight, local residents preserved the skeleton of ‘Old Tom’ and 90 years later, people from across the world  visit the Museum and  reflect on the remarkable working relationship between killer whales and the whalers of Twofold Bay.

There is a small fee to enter but worth the money.

ADULTS: $12.00
CHILDREN (5-15 YEARS): $3.00

(02) 6496 2094




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