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Barrington Tops has high altitude ancient rainforests, towering tree fern groves and snow gums. There are beautiful short walks that will take you to waterfalls and cascades hidden in mossy glens plus lookouts with exhilarating mountain views across endless green. 

The Barrington Tops parklands is a collection of national parks, state conservation areas and state forests. Together they total 125,000 hectares of wilderness, so if you are going into the wildness please let someone know which part you will be exploring and be mindful that it has swallowed many planes and people without a trace, plus it’s also hidden bushrangers and fugitives for years like Malcolm Naden.

I found great information on the Barrington coast website about The precincts of Barrington Tops.


They explain the parklands can be divided into precincts, each with their own appeal and often with their own unique access. You’ll need several visits to truly appreciate why this region was world heritage listed back in 1996. 

  • Barrington Tops National Park (76,500 hectares)

    • northern precinct including Polblue is accessed via Gloucester and Scone 

    • eastern precinct of Gloucester Tops including Gloucester Falls is accessed via Gloucester only

  • Barrington Tops State Conservation Area (8,400 hectares)

    • northern precinct is accessed via Gloucester and Scone

  • Barrington Tops State Forest (14,000 hectares)

    • northern precinct is accessed via Gloucester and Scone

  • Chichester State Forest West (Allyn River) and Chichester State ForestEast (Telegherry River) (total 15,000 hectares)

    • southern precinct including Ladies Well and Rocky Crossing Trail is accessed via Stroud and Dungog

  • Stewarts Brook State Forest (3,800 hectares)

    • western precinct including The Firs is accessed via Gloucester and Scone

  • Mount Royal National Park (6,900 hectares)

    • south western precinct including Pieries Peak is accessed via Singleton only


Things to do: 

Bush walks. 

- There are stunning views and amazing walks through beautiful rainforest.  


Barrington Tops has some of the most beautiful views in the world so its the perfect place to photograph.

Campsites with 2WD access along Forrest Road:

- Dilgry campsite

- Devil's Hole campsite

- Polblue campsite

Campsites with 4WD access  along Barrington Trail South

- Gummi Falls campsite

- Little Murray campsite

- Junction Pools campsite

Walking campsites along Barrington Tail South

- Blackswamp campsite

- Wombat Creek campsite

Campsite with 4WD access along Barrington Tail South

Gummi Falls campsite.


Campsite with 2WD access along Tubrabucca Rd

- Horse Swamp campsite 

- Morning River campsite

Lookouts along Forrest Rd.

- Cobark Lookout

- Thunderbolt's Lookout

- Devil's Hole Lookout

- Moonan Lookout

* For more information on camping site in Barrington Tops visit the National Parks Website



- Not recommended for caravans as most of the roads are not sealed.

- There are two towns near by that have amazing cafes that I highly recommend Dungog and Gloucester.

- All toilets at the campsites are drop toilets. 

- Internet, mobile reception is very patchy so don't rely solely on your phone 

- There is a great information centre in Gloucester which I highly recommend you visit and grab a few maps that outline the ways you would like to do.

Barrington Top

Getting to Barrington Tops

Its an easy 60 minutes drive from Gloucester and accessible to 2WD vehicles. 

Notes: The Barrington Tops Forest Road is sealed for 45km with 23km  of unsealed road to Polblue. If continuing on to Moonan Flat there is a total of 46km of unsealed with the western access being steep and winding.

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