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About Me !!

I am not a perfectionist in everything I do.


If anything, I am the opposite. I like to give things a go and if they dont work out and I fail, I know I gave it a go and learnt a valuable lesson. 

Nor, are you going to hear me complain about how I have giving up on life and work so decided to hit the road. 

I simply love life and love getting out and about and will encourage everyone to go exploring. 

I love my home and my family.

Here I will share amazing places and experience that will hopefully help you on your journey too.




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My Opinion 

What you will read on this website is only my opinion. If I have recommend a cafe, restaurant, hotel or caravan park it is because I have gone there and enjoyed the experience and want to share it with you. I have only recommend places I have enjoyed, any place that I did not enjoy is not mention on this website.

I do hope that all your experiences will be as enjoyable as mine.

Barrington Tops
Audrey Wilkinson, Pokolbin

The Photos

I am one of those people that loves photography and have owned a few different camera's over the  years. Most of the photos on this website have been taken by me however there have been a few occasions were I have worked with a photographer and they have given me permission to use their photos on my website and instagram, these photos have been tagged and full credit has given to the photographer.

Camera's I have used over the years that I can remember

Nikon D3100

Canon IXUS75

Iphone 10

Warning... Not all the photos on this website are good but I loved taking them. 

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