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Merlins Lookout


I absolutely love getting outdoors and exploring. My love for the outdoors started when I was very young. I remember watching the Leyland brothers and Alby Mangels advantages. I mean who can forget Albie and his bikini clad girlfriends…. Right !!!


I seem to have a natural pull to exploring and seeing what is out there but there are so many places that are hidden so I also say….”Get off the highway and explore the town, even if you are not wearing the right shoes” 


In this digital world we live in I find it easier to make my notes here and maybe help someone else find that café, campsite, caravan site or stunning location.


What you will you find here !!

This month in focus ...


  • camping events


  • Travel Blogger


  • camper vans


  • Solo camper


  • camping trip

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